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Our Services

SnS provides best in class local and national level staffing solutions by leveraging the skills our recruiters have mastered through our engagement in the industry for the last 17 years. We do have the capability to recruit talents in any discipline. Currently, we have been specialized in temporary and full-time recruiting in IT areas. We have recruited talents in other specialized areas as well in the following discipline:

  •  Yearly review of strategic staffing plan of the client: We review this important information yearly with the key employees of our client. We meet them face-to-face and spend time to understand client’s business needs of contingent labor force as well as permanent employees.
  • Recruiting Schedule: We work with our client’s point of contact person on regular basis to determine a realistic schedule of our recruiting process based on business fluctuation, labor market, and competitive challenges and provide feedback to client’s write out point of contact.
  • Communication Plan: We keep our communication channel open 24/7 with our clients through email, text message, phone calls and in-person visits.
  • Candidate Pool: Based on the client’s staffing forecast, SnS works on maintaining potential candidate pool in various job categories. We regularly advertise the required positions, go through screening process and wait for the client’s call for final interview.
  •  Recruiting, Staffing & Placement: We provide the most relevant talent to our clients according to their needs. Our recruiters are specially trained to understand client needs and match the right experience with our optimized assessment and screening process.
  • Solutions & Assessments: We provide our clients with strategic visions and work closely with them on assessments to align the technology direction with their business needs.


  • Roadmap & Planning: We enable our clients with short term and long term strategic roadmaps and optimize a plan on how to deliver these roadmaps with top quality and the best cost.
  • Application Development & Integration: We partner with our clients to help at any stage of the project life cycle including application development & enterprise system integrations.
  • Quality Assurance & Testing: We assist our clients with business-driven quality assurance and testing services.
  • Training: We provide specialized training to our clients’ tailored for their business, functional and technical needs.
  • Engineering and Technician Services: We provide specially skilled professionals for IT, engineering and other disciplines.
  • Transparency: It is our obligation to keep our clients in the loop throughout the process and provide clear communication, a documented plan and status update.

Key Value Benefits

SnS’s recruiting team is the most cost-effective method of providing IT recruiting services, where dedicated professional resources are assigned to work on the clients’ staffing requirements.

IT Professionals

  • Software Developers
  • QA Tester
  • Software Architect
  • Project Management
  • DBA
  • Business Analyst/Systems Analyst
  • Information Architect
  • SAP Consultants

4.2 Business requirements

Based on client business requirements SnS will engage with the concerned Account Manager/Requester within less than 24 hours and follow the steps listed below:


4.3 Engagement Methodology

SnS Account Manager will work closely with client Job Requester in ensuring understanding of deliverables. All details of the job requirements will be discussed with Account Manager/Job Requester. SnS Account Manager will contact the relevant recruiters immediately and wait for qualified profiles. Recruiters will follow a three-tier screening process as listed below in order to finalize the submittal list.


4.3.1 Three-Tier Screening Process:

After thorough understanding of Client’s requirements

1. Search Candidates using commercial Databases, LinkedIn, SnS Database Conduct phone Interview asking all relevant technical questions
2. Send profiles to Lead Recruiter for additional screening, background checks etc.
3. If candidate is selected for next step, profile is sent to an internal subject matter Consultant (SMC) for final review.

If candidate is recommended by the internal SMC, profile is submitted to the client.

4.4 Security

SnS maintains a secured database of all its resumes two places. One is in commercial Cloud database and the second one is on its own server. These are secured databases and no security issues encountered in last 15+ years.


4.5 Business Continuity :

All recruiters and Office Admin. at SnS maintain their own database in Dropbox which is individually password controlled. We keep our valuable documents in our company server as well. Any issue of computer crash does not affect our resume database.


4.6 Compliance

Branch manager checks once every six months for database integrity. If any discrepancy is found, corrective action is taken immediately. We also maintain hard copies of all documents in folders for each person hired and put through our payroll process. These folders are kept in secured file cabinets in the office.

4.7 Resource Management

SnS has contractual agreements with an independent background check agency (Criminal411) to perform background checks. We also perform drug screening of all hired candidates prior to joining the assignment during the boarding process. SnS provides these services as part of our recruiting process.


4.7.1 Background Check Process

Recruiter obtains full name and date of birth, of the potential candidate and enters into the Criminal411 secured database. A search is triggered based on the information entered and a report is generated showing the candidate’s background information including criminal record. A candidate with a felony within 7 years from the date of run of this report, is immediately rejected for further consideration. If client needs by county information, further search is conducted with additional charges.


4.7.2 Drug Test Process:

After a back ground check is cleared and confirmation of hire obtained from the client, we send the candidate for a drug screening. The company has collection facilities in many cities throughout the US. Candidates need to follow procedure of the Drug Test Company before they give their urine sample.


4.7.3 Talent Search Framework:

SnS Technical Recruiters maintain a detailed plan for their recruiting efforts. He/She goes through identify at least 3 qualified resources for the position. These resumes are then forwarded to our headquarters in Austin, Texas. We do another screening including background checks before forwarding these resumes to the internal subject matter consultant. The process is outlined in details under section 4.3.1.

4.7.4 Training Framework :

If our internal Consultant finds the potential candidate lacking in skills in some area of interest, the candidate is asked to prepare himself going through some recommended texts and literature on the subject. He/She goes through technical review again for the second time after a few days. This continues several times until our technical consultant finds the candidate’s confidence level is raised to the required level. At this point, the resume is forwarded to the client.


4.8 Innovation Framework

Currently SnS is an approved vendor of many clients serving their temporary staffing need from inception. We started this engagement recently and have placed over 30 temporary employees in various job categories. This office is supported by a full-time fully dedicated Account Manager/Recruiter.


4.9 Competitive Advantage:

SnS has a few competitive advantages than its competitors as listed below:


We have our own database of qualified IT professionals and saved in our Dropbox database. Currently, the number of IT profiles are over 100,000.


We use three-tier screening process using in-house subject matter experts.



Our recruiters are available globally. We have three recruiters in India, a satellite office in Noida, India, one recruiter in Dubai and one in Bangladesh. We are actively looking for additional recruiters in India, Mexico and Brazil.

  • Staff Breakdown Currently we have a total of 5 recruiters including one Lead Recruiter. Our Office in Round Rock has a full-time employee who maintains the role of Account Manager. We also have 4 alliance partners and 1 Joint Venture Company in India to help our recruiting needs.
  • Size of resume database Our own database has over 50,000 resumes of technical job seekers which are growing every day. We have access to commercial job portals such as Monster, CareerBuilder, and DICE
  • Geographical Presence Currently, SnS is serving its clients nationwide within the USA


5.0 Legality and References

  • Available upon request.


5.1 Brief Outline of Company

Legal name: SnS Global Corporation dba SnS Staffing
Type of Corporation: S-Corporation
State of Incorporation: Texas

Year of Establishment: 2007
Federal ID: 26-0369683


5.2  Some of our Clients

SnS is fortunate in providing services to a few quality clients. We are committed to quality jobs and therefore, we have chosen a smaller client base. We currently serve the following clients:

IT Clients in the USA:

  • Brown Manufacturing
  • Siemens
  • Dell, Inc.
  • IBM
  • BMC Software
  • UST Global, USA and India
  • Master Card
  • Guardian Financial, LLC
  • Honda Motor Company
  • ECG Technology
  • Diversant, LLC


5.3 Project Management

SnS has adapted a customized database to address the project management requirements of its clients. We have partnered with Networkers Funding ( to do our office and project management tasks.

We have full-time Account Managers assigned to handle all account management services and onboarding activities.