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General Summary Tests and modifies general systems-level software/hardware, specialized utility and/or hardware. Interprets wireless specifications. Designs test plans, scenarios, scripts, or procedures. Documents systems-level defects, using a bug tracking system, and report defects to developers. Identifies, analyzes, troubleshoots, and documents problems with program function, output, or content. Develops testing programs that assess effectiveness of a new system or modification of an existing system. The responsibilities of this role include:

• Working under close supervision.

• Taking responsibility for own work and making decisions with limited impact; Impact of decisions is readily apparent; errors made typically only impact timeline (i.e., require additional time to correct).

• Using verbal and written communication skills to convey basic, routine factual information about day-to-day activities to others who are fully knowledgeable in the subject area.

• Completing most tasks with multiple steps which can be performed in various orders; some planning and prioritization must occur to complete the tasks effectively; mistakes may result in some rework.

• Exercising some creativity to troubleshoot technical problems or deal with novel circumstances.

• Using deductive problem solving to solve moderately complex problems; most problems have defined processes of diagnosis/detection; some limited data analysis may be required. The responsibilities of this role do not include:

• Financial accountability (e.g., does not involve budgeting responsibility).

• Influence over key organizational decisions.

• Role in strategic planning.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities

• Focuses and completes work in a timely manner.

• Understands basic features of the system.

• Collects basic information (e.g., logs, requirements) and identifies common errors related to systems testing.

• Collaborates with individuals inside own team to complete the team’s work.

• Conducts log analyses to identify where an issue has occurred.

• Gathers, integrates, and interprets information from a variety of sources in order to troubleshoot issues.

• Assists with verifying that proposed solutions to identified issues accurately address and correct the problem.

• Detects bugs in the “system under test” and resolves issues using basic debugging approaches.

• Adapts to minor changes and setbacks in order to manage pressure and meet deadlines.

• Manages individual project priorities, deadlines, and deliverables with close supervision.

• Communicates feedback about identified feature issues to software and systems teams.

• Regularly discusses testing problems with manager and peers to maintain open communication.

• Conducts basic field or lab tests as directed by tech leads.

• Makes simple decisions as it pertains to basic feature issues associated with systems testing and follows up with tech lead if requirements are unclear/ambiguous.

• Communicates with tech leads on a project in order to verify the accuracy as well as adequate running time.

• Seeks opinions of others within own team about ways in which a problem can be addressed differently.

• Writes functional tests for features to ensure functionality.

IT Core Competencies N/A

Required Competencies (All competencies are required upon entry) • Analytical Skills – The ability to collect information and identify fundamental patterns/trends in simple to moderately complex data. This includes the ability to gather, integrate, and interpret information from several sources.

• Automation – Knowledge of how automation works. This includes gathering testing requirements, writing a test plan throughout various phases, trying to test plans according to guidelines, and completing these test plans within a set deadline.

• Building Trusting Relationships – The ability to build trusting, collaborative relationships and rapport with different types of people and businesses. This includes delivering on commitments and maintaining confidential information, as well as being approachable, showing interest in the other person, and relating well to people regardless of personality or background.

• Communication – The ability to convey information clearly and accurately, as well as choosing the most effective method of delivery (e.g., email, phone, face-to-face). This includes using a technically sound communication style both verbally and in writing.

• Creating the New and Different – The ability to be creative. This includes the ability to produce breakthrough ideas, being a visionary, managing innovation, seeing multiple futures, having broad interests and knowledge, and gaining support in order to translate new ideas into solutions. This also includes the ability to plan and implement unconventional ideas and speculate about alternative futures without all of the data.

• Decision Making – The ability to make quick, accurate decisions. This includes the ability to weigh alternatives and take into account the impact of the decisions on people, equipment, or other resources.

• Demonstrating Personal Flexibility – The ability to demonstrate resourcefulness and resilience in the face of change, obstacles, and adversity. This includes adapting to competing demands and shifting priorities. This also includes improving adaptability, pursuing new skills and knowledge, and regularly seeking feedback from others.

• Getting Organized – The ability to be organized, resourceful, and planful. This includes the ability to leverage multiple resources to get things done and lay out tasks in sufficient detail. This also includes the ability to get things done with fewer resources and in less time, work on multiple tasks at once without losing track, and foresee and plan around obstacles.

• Taking Initiative – The ability to attack work activities with drive and energy, understanding the impact of work on key metrics, and making decisions that are in the company’s best interest. This includes not being afraid to initiate action before all the facts are known, and driving value-added work tasks to completion.

• Scripting – Knowledge of scripting languages (e.g., Perl, Python). This includes basic concepts, major features and capabilities, and system management tools related to scripting. This also includes the ability to identify resources for addressing or answering scripting-related issues or questions.

• Systems Test Engineering – The ability to plan and design tests for proper integration of systems components and features, including knowledge of the system under test. This also includes the ability to perform cost/benefit analysis for types of testing to be employed versus potential systems errors, consult on approaches and tools for testing compatibility with other features, analyze test executions and results, implement improvements to testing process and tools, and provide time, effort, and resource estimates for thorough testing.

Additional Competencies N/A

Minimum Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science, or related field.

Preferred Qualifications N/A

Physical Requirements

• Frequently transports between offices, buildings, and campuses up to ½ mile.

• Frequently transports and installs equipment up to 5 lbs.

• Performs required tasks at various heights (e.g., standing or sitting).

• Monitors and utilizes computers and test equipment for more than 6 hours a day.

• Continuous communication which includes the comprehension of information with colleagues, customers, and vendors both in person and remotely.

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